The ClementJames Centre, based in North Kensington has linked up with City Living, Local Life to expand their IntoWork programme which supports young people and adults with practical employment and training support such as CV advice, interview skills and confidence building. For a taste of how ClementJames has been supported by City Living, Local Life and for details regarding IntoWork here’s Howard from the Centre to talk about their excellent work…

IntoWorkSince City Living, Local Life began ward councillors have supported The ClementJames Centre with a variety of initiatives, enabling us to reach more residents through our employment support programme – IntoWork, and establishing partnerships with other local organisations.

City Living, Local Life has enabled IntoWork sessions to continue at both The Venture Centre (Tuesdays, 1.00pm-4.00pm) and Al Hasaniya (Friday 10.00am-12.00pm) in Golborne, supporting people with a variety of work and training needs on a weekly basis.

The programme has also expanded with help from City Living, Local Life to work specifically with residents from Saint Helens ward

Notting Dale has funded both one to one employment support as well enabling residents to attend Food Hygiene, First Aid and other such courses – essential when applying for certain roles.

In Dalgarno, we have ran life and career coaching for residents in partnership with The Dalgarno Neighbourhood Trust, encouraging residents to set ambitious goals and strive to reach them. City Living, Local Life has also allowed us to widen our reach through increased one-to-one work and drop in sessions for residents in need.

For more information on IntoWork and other programmes from ClementJames do visit their website (