Funded through City Living Local Life in Dalgarno, St. Helen’s and Notting Dale , The North-West Ken Stories Project involves Year 5 children from Barlby Primary School working with education charity digital-works to uncover and tell the stories of the people who live in the area and have experienced the many changes that have taken place over the years.

northkenstoriesWith training and support from digital:works the children are researching the history of the area with the help of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s Local Studies archive. After the research element, the children will be making a documentary film about NW Kensington and its history which will include interviews with a variety of local residents who will be telling their stories of the area.

digital:works has also set up a reminiscence group running in tandem with the school project. Many of the participants will be interviewed for the film.

You can now check out their brand new website, which is up and running, and extremely informative.  As indicated in a previous post, the City Living, Local Life team are populating our own site with a list of  local websites.

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