This month, The Mosaic Rooms (226 Cromwell Road, SW5 0SW) are offering up a number of artistic treats to amaze and move you. For a full list of their offerings, do visit their website, but here are a few picks that may be of interest…

UnmannedPanel Discussion: Unmanned, Thursday 5 February, 7.00pm: The Mosaic Rooms (Free)

Join The Mosaic Rooms for a timely panel discussion reflecting on the growing use of armed drones in modern warfare –  one of the most controversial and opinion dividing elements of modern conflict. Our panel of speakers, including Chris Woods and Julian Stallabrass will provide an invaluable, and often shocking insight into the use of drones in on-going armed conflicts around the world as well as their growing use in civilian surveillance closer to home.

War At A DistanceFilm Screening: War at a Distance, Wednesday 11 February, 7.30pm: The Mosaic Rooms (£5)

In 1991, when images of the Gulf War flooded the international media, it was virtually impossible to distinguish between real pictures and those generated on computer. The image is no longer used only as testimony, but also as an indispensable link in a process of production and destruction. This is the central premise of Harun Farocki‘s “War at a Distance”, setting out in effect to define the relationship between military strategy and industrial production and shedding light on how the technology of war finds applications in everyday life.

Banned books of GuantanamoBanned Books of Guantánamo, Thursday 19 February, 7.00pm: The Mosaic Rooms (Free)

Guest speakers, including Andy Worthington, Ian Cobain and Cori Crider, will discuss the list of books banned in Guantánamo, as well as the wider issues pertaining to this-censorship, the politics and perceived threat of literature, and the use of indefinite detention

RajaRaja Shehadeh: Language of War, Language of Peace, Wednesday 2 February, 7.00pm: The Mosaic Rooms (Free)

Award-winning author Raja Shehadeh explores the politics of language and the language of politics in the Israeli Palestine conflict, reflecting on the walls that they create – legal and cultural – that confine today’s Palestinians just like the physical borders, checkpoints and the so called ‘Separation Barrier’.

From above and beloweFrom Above and Below, Saturday 28 February, 12.00pm: The Mosaic Rooms (Free)

‘From Above and Below’ brings together a series of investigations into the shifting parameters of contemporary warfare. With the intention to not only convey the position or physical viewpoint — from above — which the state apparatus has been utilizing during modern day conflict, exemplified by the use of armed drones and aerial bombing. In particular this event focuses on the position — from below — mobilising the domestic arena as the platform, material and human register of this perceivable external threat.