BIg Local LogoThe Big Local: World’s End and Lots Road are proud to release their profile of the area and the priorities explored to date.

The Big Local initiative provides residents with £1m to make lasting positive differences to where they live and the profile coincides with the formation and meeting of the World’s End and Lots Road Big Local Partnership – a group of residents and local organisations that are tasked to guide the overall direction of activity, based on local priorities.

Do take a look at the fantastic resident-produced profile and the aims and aspirations of the Big Local area (including the Big Local Quiz – brownie points for whoever gets 6 out of 6 – we didn’t!).

A series of Big Local meetings and activities are to be planned over the coming months with the Partnership welcoming interested local residents and service providers to the next meeting on Thursday, 29 January 2015 from 6.00pm7.30pm at Chelsea Theatre. For information of future activities or to find out more about the Big Local do contact Vanessa Kelly at Chelsea Theatre (