Imagine what a difference a garden can make when you’re a hospital in-patient.

As grateful as we are for the care and dedication afforded to us, nobody likes going to Hospital. And it’s not just being ill; hospitals are too often oppressive, uninviting environments to exist in. Everything is sanitised and strip-lit.

Earlier this year, supported through City Living, Local Life by Stanley Ward Councillors Merrick Cockell, Paul Warrick and William Pascall, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital embarked on a two exciting garden projects to change this. Christina Peumalu from the Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity and RBKC’s Environment Manager Terry Oliver have been pulling together volunteers to plant up an outdoor and an indoor garden for the Hospital’s patients and staff to enjoy.

Councillor William Pascal, Terry Oliver and Christina Puemalu discuss what to do with the beds

To the East of the Hospital on Nightingale place the outdoor garden (pictured) is being given new beds, which will come alive in spring with flowers, herbs and medicinal plants.

Taking advantage of the wonderful light in the Hospital’s grand atrium, consultations have taken place and plans have been drawn up for an indoor garden in a currently unused area.

To make the gardens bloom, we need volunteers (see poster)! If you think  that this project is as exciting as we do and want to get involved, please contact Terry Oliver on 020 7341 5684 or email