The Community Engagement Team’s very own Kauthar El-Harrak looks back on her 3 day challenge with the Dalgarno Trust. The 3-day, £5 Business Start-up Challenge took place in Global Entrepreneurship Week – with the winning team the one made the most money from £5, within the 3 days. The winning team will receive free business mentorship from Palm PR.

We had an introduction from our host who was Ola. We then had to pick up a random paper from Ola’s hand which would have a name of a mentor who would give us a task. The paper had Councillor Pat Healy’s name on it, so we had to call her and let her know that we would be her team. She explained that our task would be to create Christmas cards and sell them. We had a good quality card donated to us by Mr. Smiley from Viola Cards.

cardsWe then went over a couple of ideas for the cards and started creating some. cardThis took us the most time, with day 2 dedicated to creating the unique cards.

We met early in the morning and started wrapping the Christmas Cards with gold tissue paper. IMG-20141120-WA0005We then went to different art shops to see if they could donate envelopes to us, which they did. After we wrapped up the cards we went down to different shop in Portobello Road and sold some, we then went to the town hall and sold some there, we also met the Mayor who brought some. The left over were sold to the parents outside the school, and to the Dalgarno Trust Staff.

Over the 3 days, we made £135 and won the competition!

This was such a great experience and a very creative one too; it actually made me want to go back and start doing art again, which I would be doing. And all our hard word had actually paid off since we came first and won. If I had a chance to change anything, it would be to get more time, as I believe that we would of been able to create more cards and sell them.”

Thanks Kauthar!