Local businesses on Stratford Road, Abingdon ward have been working with City Living, Local Life to try to increase footfall in their ‘village’ of local shops, and were awarded funding to have a masterful two page map of the road and details of each business in this month’s Kensington Magazine.  The map (produced by Gill Bradley Design and paid for by Kensington Design and Millars) features amongst others, the good folks and undoubtedly awesome personal trainers at The Kensington Studio. Amber and Adam have written us this brilliant piece of insight into RBKC’s hidden village.  Watch this space, as Stratford Road looks to stay very much on the map (click to enlarge!).


Gill Bradley Designs
Gill Bradley Designs

The local stores are still used by famous actors, comedians, politicians, musicians, business people, lords and earls, and while some of the names and faces have changed many have stayed the same.Of course some things have certainly changed. They used to bring the meat for the butchers, and milk for the supermarket on a horse and carriage as recently as the 1950’s and 60’s.

The support staff for Kensington palace from the footman to the cleaners used to be housed in the area. I have been told that after World War Two, Kensington and Chelsea council were so keen to sell that all of the houses on Blithfield St were going for just £2,000, where now just one house on the street costs millions of pounds.

Whatever you might need, Stratford Village is the place to go! An off licence, pub, a grocer and green-grocer, flowers, dry cleaning/laundry, you can even get your carpets cleaned!

And it doesn’t stop there: a spa, barber and hair-stylist for your beauty needs and a hot shave for the gentlemen. You can get fit and healthy at the personal training studio. You can have your dream house built, and the interiors creatively designed. A deli for that perfect cup of coffee, and a cafe for all your breakfast and lunch needs. If you want to travel the world in 20 minutes, Stratford Road provides your multi-cultural experience, among others we have nationalities from South Africa, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, Poland, Turkey, West Congo, Italy, Bulgaria, Iran, Denmark, Syria, Australia, and Egypt. It’s the West Ends Eastenders, if you want to know anything about anything. Stratford road is the place to hear the latest gossip. Who’s marrying who, who got divorced… they know it all here!

Every year the business owners throw a Christmas party! It’s a great chance for the residents to catch up, or for anyone in the area to see this traditional street at it’s best. It’s a way for the business owners to give back to the community, food, drinks and music all provided! We hope to see you all for a drink or two on Thursday December 4th from 5-8pm.