In the late nineteenth century London’s Malthusian statisticians predicted that the exponential growth of population would require so many horses to haul food and clothes to the hungry and cold for city dwellers that horse manure would render the city unlivable.

hitchingpost4Horses were everywhere. And a huge infrastructure of drinking troughs, stables and hitching posts dominated the urban landscape just as cars do today. Sadly, little of this survives.

Somewhere where you can glimpse a piece of London’s equine past is the hitching post (pictured) on Brompton and Hans Town’s Ennismore Street. Members of the Knightsbridge Society, with their ward Councillors and support from City Living, Local Life had these historic railings restored.

hitching post 54On Friday 31st October, Councillor Marshall and Carol Seymour-Newton from the Knightsbridge Association met to unveil a commemorative plaque telling residents and passers-by of the hitching posts’ historical significance.

If you are in the area, duck down the side street, marvel and imagine what our borough might be like if horses still carried the World!IMG_20141114_130635