A big thank you to local resident, Vicky Segal for her fantastic contribution…

photo 1 (6)The Drawing Art class at the Open Age Centre based at St. Charles Hospital is inspiring and invigorating. The classes are delivered in an inclusive way and in a relaxing and friendly community environment.

A significant benefit of the class provision is that our Tutor Dan, is a practising professional Artist. He has an expansive art practise and demonstrates great skill and commitment to his students, their learning process and their work. The overriding aim, is that we all find ‘our voice’.  This shines through every aspect of our activity and experience together.

Within the framework of supported and supportive learning,  we develop the technical skills for drawing and various 2D art forms, growing our individual expression through the medium. The ethos is one of mutual respect where we can share encouraging constructive critiques. As such, the class has become a true community. We are an inclusive ‘mixed ability’ group with a great diversity of experience and expertise, from complete beginners to experienced artists. The approach and ambiance of our Open Age Art class is that of peers who engage fully, contribute equally and without prejudice or bias.

photo 3 (3)Our Tutor Dan, provides us with inspirational, motivating, accessible and educational content, covering a broad spectrum of areas within art. He models many aspects of art practise itself and shepherds us all through the acquisition of both technical skills and creative exploration and expression.

Through our stimulating interdependence with Dan our Tutor, we are able to find new strengths and embrace vulnerabilities to express our own poetry and realism.

We all feel the ongoing personal and creative benefits of class. Also, we would like and  hope to share this with a wider audience through an exhibition.

To quote Vivienne Westwood from an interview she gave about the inspiration drawn from paintings in the Wallace Collection:

“To pursue Art gives you a wonderful anchor, you can get engaged, in politics, in everything, and you always feel you are making personal progress”.

photo 4 (2)

Our hope is that you too want to join in, draw together and support, sustain, maintain and expand Open Age‘s fruitful, beneficial and stimulating art classes.

For any readers who are interested in joining in or finding out more, the class runs from 1.30pm-3.30pm every Monday from the Open Age Centre, St. Charles Hospital.