The Mosaic Rooms are proud to present the first UK show of the 2014 Art Basel Discoveries Prize winner, Nadia Kaabi-Linke.


Featuring new and recent installations, ‘The Future Rewound & The Cabaret of Souls’ is the artist’s most extensive to date. Concieved in two parts: The Cabinet Of Souls aims to invert the roles of spectators and objects; The Future Rewound explores enduring methods of control in contemporary life.

The exhibition is inspired by The Mosaic Rooms’ buildings history and its former resident, Imre Kiralfy, and looks at the structures of power that have threaded these last hundred years. Kaabi-Linke’s practice relates to the way geography and politics inform the identity of both the individual and the collective. Her work questions society’s invisible mechanisms of control and unseen violences.

‘The Future Rewound & The Cabaret of Souls’ is open to the public from 10 October until 29 November (11am-6pm) at The Mosaic Rooms (Tower House, 226 Cromwell Road, SW5 0SW)

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