The carnival is my idea of fun, the time where everyone as a community comes together as one to enjoy music, food and costumes from the Caribbean culture.Janine 1

It’s a great experience; I feel everyone should try to attend at least once in their lives.

Each year I love wearing the beautiful costumes, with the feathers and vibrant colours.

People come from all over the world asking to take photographs with me, it makes feel like some sort of celebrity but I’m just me… just Janine in a beautiful costume 🙂

As every year I take part in the Notting Hill Carnival with my band Burrokeets. The costume I wore was called ‘Coppa Cabana’ to match the theme of ‘Nights on Broadway’. The costume consisted of the vibrant colours purple & yellow, with feathers, gems and diamantes to complement it.Janine 2

Despite the terrible weather, Burrokeets still took to the streets of Notting Hill and people still showed up to support. Our float left the meeting point after 1pm playing Soca music, my favourite genre of music.

As this year marked the 50th year anniversary of the West Indian community-led carnival, rain & cold weather could not stop me from going out in my costume and showing the community what it’s all about.

If you have ever wondered how to take part in the carnival with Burrokeets please visit our Facebook page (Burrokeets Carnival Band) we would love for you to take part of our band.Janine 3A big Thank You to Janine for taking the time to write about what Carnival means to her!