CourtfieldCouncillors in Courtfield ward have elected to join City Living, Local Life, and in doing so, now sees all 18 wards in RBKC signed up to the initiative.

Councillor Gerard Hargreaves, Cabinet Member for Voluntary Organisations and Resident Engagement said: “I am delighted that Courtfield is now part of City Living, Local Life.  I’m sure that the local councillors and residents will work closely together to come with plenty of worthwhile projects to enhance and improve their area”

Launched in 2011, City Living, Local Life is a councillor led, ward based initiative committed to building stronger connections between people in local area. It enables residents and community groups to take a lead role in bringing about practical, positive change in their neighbourhoods.  The aim is to build on what is already going on in communities, encouraging local people to come forward with their experiences of neighbourhood issues and working with ward councillors to come up with solutions.

Courtfield Councillors will soon be meeting with officers to decide how to kick start City Living, Local Life activity in their ward.  If you live in Courtfield, and want to share an idea, why not start something good today? Keep checking the Courtfield ward page for the latest news and updates, or to contact your Councillors directly.