Traffic disruption will occur on and around Kensington High Street on Saturday 19 July when a large march to demonstrate about events in Gaza and Israel will take place.

The march, which is expected to attract between 10,000 and 15,000 people, begins in Whitehall and will finish at Kensington High Street by the junction with Kensington Palace Gardens where there will be a rally and speeches. It is expected to conclude by about 6.30pm.

There will be approximately 1,000 police officers policing the event from Whitehall to Kensington and local police have spoken to affected residents and businesses.

The event means the police have decided to close Kensington High Street from about noon, but, in light of representations from the community, the south pavement will be protected by barriers to allow the community and businesses to carry on as normal.

There will be another demonstration on Sunday 20th of July of about a 1000 people outside the Israeli Embassy in Kensington High Street. The police are not planning to close Kensington High Street at the moment.