Six people who have made an exceptional contribution to the life of the Royal Borough were recognised by the Mayor, Cllr Charles Williams, at a special ceremony at Kensington Town Hall on Wednesday 4 June.

The Mayor’s Awards formally acknowledge the positive difference made by those who live or work in the Royal Borough. The award is given to people who make an outstanding contribution to their local community and add significantly to the quality of life of those around them.

Cllr Williams said: “I’m delighted to be able to recognise, on behalf of the Royal Borough, the outstanding contribution these six people have made to communities in our borough. Their work, often voluntary, has gone a long way to improving others’ lives in their local neighbourhoods. These awards give the Council a chance to say thank you and recognise their hard work and efforts.”

The award winners are:

Moya Denman for her work with the elderly through East Chelsea Community Contact, Sixty Plus, Age Concern, New Horizons and Age UK K&C.

Stephen Duckworth for his work with the voluntary sector in North Kensington.

Ian Henderson for his work for the residents of the Sutton Estate.

Abdallahi Nur for his work with the Baraka Youth Club.

Jennifer Ware for her work in the interests of the Earl’s Court community over many decades.

Janice Watts for her work with the Rugby Portobello Trust’s Football Team.

If you know of anyone who has made an exceptional contribution by giving their services, paid or unpaid, for the benefit of others, the Council would like to know.

The people nominated do not have to live in the Royal Borough – they might work here, maybe they visit to do voluntary work, or perhaps they lived here previously and can be nominated for the contribution they made at that time.

Application forms for next year’s awards can be obtained from November 2014 onwards by calling the Mayor’s Office on 020 7361 3659.