Peter Doyle (left) and Jamie Lomax of Goldfinger factory (right)
Peter Doyle (left) and Jamie Lomax of Goldfinger factory (right)

Worn out and wobbly tables in a popular social club at the foot of Treverton Tower have been given a new lease of life by Goldfinger Factory, a local company which specialises in renovating unwanted furniture, thanks to financial support from local ward Councillors.

The club room is used for twice weekly bingo sessions for elderly people from the estate and the Dalgarno ward, monthly Councillors surgeries and children’s parties. Over time, its tables have become worn and rickety, making them unsuitable to use.

Peter Doyle, Chairman of the Balfour of Burleigh Residents Association: “The tables in the clubroom had become wobbly after years of use and did not feel safe. Goldfinger said they could keep the table tops and replace the legs with safer and stronger ones which mean the tables can be safely moved as needed.

“The safer tables mean the clubroom can be used for more community functions.

“Goldfinger is a local company that we were keen to work alongside, and for them to offer their expertise for this community resource. We hope that local residents might also wish to get involved in future projects and learn worthwhile skills in upcycling.”

Through the councillor led initiative City Living, Local Life, the Dalgarno ward Councillors funded this project to ensure the club room could continue to be used by the local community. Councillor Pat Healy, said: “This was not just a case of repairing some tables in a popular community facility. It was an opportunity to use the particular skills of Goldfinger Factory, a local organisation, to make sure the club room’s tables were up to the job for many years to come.”

Oliver Waddington-Ball of Goldfinger Factory, said: “A crucial part of Goldfinger Factory’s ethos is to serve, support and work alongside the local community. Through City Living, Local Life, we have been given an opportunity to offer our expertise, to a small, but significant project, and look forward to future community collaborations”

The Goldfinger Factory sells designed and restored products at the foot of Trellick Tower and provides building services to the community, commercial and residential sectors. In the process of providing its goods and services it teaches local people a number of furniture restoration skills.