Local resident, Stan Moorcrooft has approached SMART about running a journalism course for local residents.  Read what he has to say:

Are you interested in writing about the things that are important to you?

 Perhaps you would like to write about your experience of the Health Service, local community services, or projects that you attend or are involved with?

Would you like to develop the journalistic skills to communicate effectively, to write opinion pieces seeking to influence local decision makers? Would you like to be able to produce professional press releases and newsletters? Then we would like to meet you.

 From this May SMART will be running a free course for aspiring citizen journalists in Kensignton and Chelsea. Over ten weeks participants will learn how to produce interesting, concise and readable copy, develop interviewing skills and use Microsoft Publisher to produce stimulating newsletters.

Those attending will be encouraged to interview other service users, service providers, commissioners, councillors, MP’s and local community activists. Though who gets interviewed and the nature of the journalism will be dictated by the interests and concerns of those attending the course.

 All successful candidates will receive a certificate of attendance and greatly enhance their skills and employability.

For further information, please contact:


The Basement

15 Gertrude Street


SW10 0JN

t. 020 7376 4668

f. 020 7376 7892