The next Colville Forum meeting will take place next Monday (3 March) from 6.30pm–8.30pm at the London Lighthouse, 111-117 Lancaster Road, Ladbroke Grove. Light refreshments will be served from 6pm.

The agenda includes:

  • Results of recent consultations on Busking and Thursday trading at Portobello Market, and recommendations from Public Realm Scrutiny Committee Markets Working Group
  • An update on the Colville History Project: “Notting Hill at War” show and the 70th anniversary of the Clydesdale Road V1 bomb in World War 2
  • Future of resident engagement with policing from April 2014.
  • Update on City Living Local Life Grants for Colville and residents and local groups chance to present new bids for CLLL funding.

The meeting is open to all residents of Colville. To find out more, email